Pirate Wrist Wrap


Pirate Wrist Wrap – Support for swordsmen and archers.


Wrist wraps like this were worn by Cap’n Jack Sparrow and crew in the POC series of movies. On “Curse of the Black Pearl” the wrap and string were separate so dressers would tie them on for the actors.  My design enabled them to be put on without assistance.

In those days, swordsmen and archers would use wraps like these for wrist support. They also came in handy for pirates climbing the side of a ship with boarding axes.

All are slightly different because of the natural edges of the leathers and pattern of the bone and mother of pearl.

The wrap itself is distressed cowhide, deer or lamb leather. The lash is made of strong high quality leather which fastens with a genuine antique bone or mother of pearl button. Once wrapped tightly, it offers good support.




Additional information

Wrist Wrap Size

Large, Medium


Bone, Mother of Pearl

Rustic Shades

Black, Brown, Buckskin, Tan, White


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