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Iconic Johnny Depp Cuff made with rare hand finished latigo


This is a limited edition cuff made of a leather that is no longer produced anywhere. As luck would have it, my favorite!

The “17” is made with the same care as the original cuff made for Mr. Depp with one exception: P&P Yellow Latigo.

The same patterns and hardware are used, with a full lining and sealed edges.

When I was a kid, large numbers of hippies roamed the earth. The first hippie belts, stash bags and purses I saw had a mellow golden color. I found out much later that leather was coming from a famous tannery in the city by the bay.

The Potesch & Peterson Tannery est. 1883 in San Francisco, produced what most consider to be the finest yellow latigo. This stuff was the leather of choice for San Francisco artists and hippies (not to mention saddlers and cowboys.) Because of environmental regulations P&P Tannery closed its doors in the late 80s. A sad day for freaks (and cowboys) everywhere. Tanning and finishing latigo is a very laborious and time consuming task, in addition to being very sensitive to chemistry and temperature. Try as they might, no one has been able to duplicate yellow latigo anywhere near that quality and temper, since.

I recently found out that one of my suppliers was sitting on a private stash of P&P yellow and black latigo for his personal use. I thought I’d never see this stuff again! The good stuff!!! He reasoned that he wouldn’t have enough time to use it all. I calmly agreed to help get it out of his way.

In PLATOON since Lerner (Johnny) was one of the ‘heads’, I figured San Francisco hippie leather would be a natural choice for a special edition JDCuff.

Available in five sizes:
SMALL – 5½” to 6¾”
SLIM – 6″ to 7¼”
REGULAR – 6½” to 7¾”
REGULAR PLUS – 7” to 8¼”
BIG – 7½” to 8¾”

This leather breaks-in beautifully, the color gets deeper, and the fit gets more comfortable with age.

All cuffs are made-to-order. Each cuff is accompanied by a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity.

Available as long as the latigo stash holds out.

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Yellow Latigo, Black Latigo, Blackout


Big – 7½” to 8¾”, Regular – 6½” to 7¾”, Regular – (Johnny’s size) 6½” to 7¾”, Regular PLUS – 7” to 8¼”, Slim – 6″ to 7¼″, Small – 5½” to 6¾”, Custom (please specify wrist measurement with order)

2 reviews for JDCuff17

  1. Richard Stephenson (verified owner)


    1. Style: A+

    Johnny Depp – global style icon and People Magazine’s two-time Sexiest Man Alive (2003 & 2009) – has worn this cuff model for over 20 years.

    2. Build Quality: A+

    Thick, full-grain leather is cleanly and symmetrically cut, edges are sealed, and rivet placement is precise.

    3. Customer Service: A+

    I wrote Brennan three times before making my purchase and once afterwards. He always responded quickly and in detail. Also, I ordered 2 cuffs on a Saturday night. They shipped on Monday and I received them Thursday.

    4. Value: A+:

    At first, $291 felt exorbitant. Then I saw that Brennan offers two very similar cuffs (1965 and CTJ) for 1/3 the price. What I wanted – though initially hesitated to admit to myself – was not just any cuff, or a similar cuff, but the EXACT SAME CUFF model worn by Johnny Depp. Even better, a cuff made by the EXACT SAME HANDS that made Johnny’s. In that context, $291 feels very reasonable. Maybe even a bargain.

  2. Alexis Smith

    I have owned a CTJ Cuff for four years now with it being worn every day and getting a lot of punishment but it still looks good and has plenty of life left in it and a beautiful patina.

    As a late Christmas present I was going to buy the Johnny Depp Watch Cuff as an upgrade to the CTJ Cuff I already have but Brennan suggested the JD17 Cuff instead and I’m so glad he did. Everything Brennan has described about the JD17 Cuff is an understatement. The leather is so soft with a beautiful rich colour and yet just by the feel of it so strong that I now think I won’t need another cuff for a long time, that is if the cuff doesn’t outlast me!

    I did read up on Latigo leather and apart from it being rare as Brennan states it is a leather that has great properties for strength, suppleness and building patina.

    I have to say that the skill and effort that goes into the items on Brennans website is a labour of love and it shows in the quality and customer service. I can’t wait for this cuff to start gaining its own personality. Brennan, you have a lifelong customer in me, I can’t thank you enough.

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