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Indian Museum Items

This group of pieces was inspired by my many forays to the following museums, throughout my life — The Southwest Museum — Los Angeles, Oklahoma’s Native American museums, and The Museum of The American Indian — New York City; among others. The style, motifs, techniques and materials used by native Craftsmen, including Women — living by their ‘wits and skills’ — have always interested me. The Native American’s respect for animal neighbors, efficient use of natural materials, and trade — for the necessities of everyday life — are representative of the philosophies and circumstances behind the Treasures of our Native American Museum collections. Out of my respect for Native American Culture, and my utmost regard for the Craftsmen who created those practical, beautiful, elegant relics — the items here are merely impressions — inspired by the general look, motifs and materials of the authentic artifacts. A few years back, when[…]Read More

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Larry Paxton’s Custom Leather Bass Strap

This past 4th of July night, I ran into an old friend in my hometown after the fireworks display. Larry Paxton comes home to our small Ohio town every Fourth to watch the parade. Years ago, he relocated to Nashville where he and his wife are both “first call” musicians in the recording industry. Larry told me he still uses the bass strap I made for him in 1977! It’s still in great shape and he uses it all the time. I made his custom strap while we both lived in Los Angeles. Larry is a very highly regarded session guitar & bass player and arranger. I plan to take him up on his invitation to pay him a visit in Nashville. I’ll meet potential custom leather clients and I can renew old acquaintances with the ones I already know! There are probably more than a few musicians looking for a special, one-of-a-kind leather accessory that will reflect their own personal[…]Read More

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The Business of Making Props – It’s always a surprise!

This is a still from a commercial for Golf Now! produced by Partizan Entertainment. They wanted to do a series featuring famous Scottish golfer, ‘Old Tom Morris,’ the first professional golfer. Of course, Old Tom Morris has a sheep for a caddy! Production Designer Bradley Thordarson contacted me to recreate a 1920’s  golf bag, because the original was too fragile to actually use. He also needed various accessory bags and a custom-fitted harness to attach all of this gear to the sheep. Ray the sheep handler sent the sheep’s measurements, and I only had a couple days to make it happen. The same company came back to me for a leather Emu harness, to use in the same Golf Now! campaign. The Emu was also ‘Old Tom Morris’ caddy. Those birds are big and strong! Click on the photo below to see the commercial. It looks like ‘Old Tom Morris’ is pulling the old[…]Read More