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Larry Paxton’s Custom Leather Bass Strap

This past 4th of July night, I ran into an old friend in my hometown after the fireworks display. Larry Paxton comes home to our small Ohio town every Fourth to watch the parade. Years ago, he relocated to Nashville where he and his wife are both “first call” musicians in the recording industry. Larry told me he still uses the bass strap I made for him in 1977! It’s still in great shape and he uses it all the time. I made his custom strap while we both lived in Los Angeles. Larry is a very highly regarded session guitar & bass player and arranger. I plan to take him up on his invitation to pay him a visit in Nashville. I’ll meet potential custom leather clients and I can renew old acquaintances with the ones I already know! There are probably more than a few musicians looking for a special, one-of-a-kind leather accessory that will reflect their own personal[…]Read More