Bub’s Bone Necklace


Natural bone and leather necklace to accessorize your casual duds!


This necklace is made of cow bone and leather. The “eye” of the bone is perfect for keeping your glasses handy when you’re not wearing them.

I love working in natural materials. I have used bone for buttons, rings and buckles on hippie and Native American projects since I began working with leather. Bone is the first material used by man as an art medium beginning 33,000 years ago.

Initial cleaning was carefully done by my only assistant, my dog Bub who lived to be almost 20. We worked together on the “Pirate” films and some of Bub’s bones were even used on some pirate props!

I made a custom order necklace like this for Sharon Stone. She wanted a “rich hippie chick” necklace so she could always find her glasses. She loved it!

The bone pendant is specially cleaned, sanitized and conditioned, then sliced, drilled, sanded and polished to reveal beautiful natural patterns and colors. Strung on a sturdy 26″ leather cord. The closure is a little bone toggle and loop. The drop length can easily be adjusted by trimming and knotting. Because of the nature of the material, each one is unique.


Bub and I hope you enjoy this bone as much as he did!


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