Bodhran Leather


Bodhran strap for playing while standing.


In recent years, singers who play the bodhran (BAU-ron), the traditional drum of Ireland, have opted to play the instrument while standing.

Many of these drums are hand made of premium woods. Drilling holes in their fine instrument is absolutely out of the question for most players.

I have been approached by several clients seeking a way to provide suspension of the drum without putting holes in their prized possessions.

My solution has been used by clients, for several years. Evidently the word has traveled quickly in the “bodhran community”.

Made to order of top-grain leather. Sliding piece is lined with suede for no-slip shoulder placement.

Please include the circumference measurement of your drum and the maximum width allowed by the location of the head frame or row of nails securing the head to your drum. This leather band will provide the anchor points of your shoulder strap. All hardware is backed with lining leather to protect the finish of your drum.

While holding your drum in playing position, please  measure the distance from top-dead-center (12 o’clock) over your shoulder to bottom-dead-center (6 o’clock). This is your strap measurement.

The color will depend on your preference. Blacks and browns are popular. There may be an extra charge for custom colors.

The client pictured chose a leather  close to the blonde wood of her bodhran.

Domestic Shipping, $6.75

Foreign addresses, $17.00


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